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The road trip on your doorstep: how you can do more, with PSA

PSA show you just how easy it is to discover your home country by car. Get out and explore by doing more with PSA today.
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France : Location
Sometimes the best discoveries are right on your doorstep. Perhaps there are cities you’ve never visited that you’d love to experience, mountains you’d love to climb and beaches you’ve dreamed of walking on, all in your home country. Forget expensive train costs and unreliable planes and buses; with a fully equipped car, complete with tyre insurance, there are endless possibilities just waiting to be uncovered. PSA recently teamed up with content creator Valentin Leonard to prove just how easy it is to adventure, explore and do more, with PSA.
Valentin’s PSA road trip took him from the French capital to the gothic city of Bourges. An enchanting medieval place, steeped in history, Bourges is definitely worth a visit. The French city is home to a famous UNESCO heritage cathedral as well as a beautifully authentic old-town, packed full of diamond-patterned timber houses. Discovering Bourges by car is a great way to spot the city’s many landmarks as well as venture out into the beautiful countryside that surrounds the city. Here’s how you can take Valentin’s journey.
With a fully equipped car, there are endless possibilities just waiting to be uncovered. PSA recently teamed up with content creator Valentin Leonard to prove just how easy it is to adventure, explore and do more, with PSA.

Driving from Paris to Bourges

Bourges Cathedral France : Location 
In ideal traffic and with a car in good condition, the drive from Paris to Bourges takes around about four hours. If you don’t fancy completing such a long drive all the way through in one go, the route provides some fantastic cultural stop-offs along the way. After driving for a couple of hours, the route (via the E5 highway) will take you through the centre of French town, Orléans, an interesting visit to a town that has seen significant regeneration since being heavily damaged during the second world war. Its timbered houses and Romanesque churches are also a must for any lover of architecture – the perfect stop off to stretch your legs. For an additional refreshment stop before your destination, the French town of Issoudun is renowned for offering authentic, homemade French food that simply must be tasted. After this, it’s a mere half an hour’s drive and you will have arrived in Bourges.

Sleeping in a Bourges Château

For a truly authentic experience during his Paris-Bourges road trip, Valentin’s accommodation was inside an 18th century building; its period furniture and grand décor making for a truly charming setting. Importantly, the hotel was easy to reach from the road and provided suitable parking – essential for any road-tripper!
Filled with chandeliers and large French windows, the grandest room of them all, the dining quarters, provided Valentin with a fantastic French continental breakfast, the perfect fuel for a day of exploring. As well as its stunning interior, L’Hôtel de Panette un Château en Ville is surrounded by a 600-m² garden which was a truly beautiful setting for Valentin and company to enjoy afternoon drinks, as well as explore and photograph the traditional French grounds. Ideally located just 400 yards from the 15th century palais Jacques de Coeur, this stunning hotel is an ideal tourist stopover. Even closer, at just 200 yards away, is a tourist office, which was available for Valentin to gather information about the famous Bourges cathedral, a definite must-see for visitors to Bourges.

Discovering Bourges Cathedral

Probably the busiest tourist attraction in Bourges, the Bourges cathedral is a roman catholic church that seats the Archbishop of Bourges. It was listed a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1992 and has since become a popular place for tourists to appreciate its stunning architecture. Many people say it bears a wide resemblance to the famous Notre-Dame of Paris. With the hotel being so ideally located, the cathedral was only a short walk for Valentin, who explored its gothic interior and captured some fantastic photographs from outside, including the surrounding areas.

Escaping to the Marais

 Marais De Bourges : Location
Although a fairly small city with most attractions centrally located, having a car to hand meant that Valentin could mix up his trip by venturing to the outskirts of Bourges, escaping city life in favour of the beautiful French countryside. Just a short drive away is Marais de Bourges, a tranquil, green haven of brooks and marshes that is so peaceful, it’s hard to believe it’s located so close to the city. Interestingly, the Marais de Bourges is home to over 1,500 allotments that was used, once upon a time, to keep the city stocked with fruits and vegetables. As well as appreciating the peace and quiet of the gardens of Marais de Bourges, Valentin drove a little further out of the city, to explore the green rural areas that sit on the outskirts of the city – discovering the endless possibilities of exploring France by car.
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