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Avoid any bad surprises when you claim under your motor insurance policy
Introducing PSA’s Excess Insurance
Making a claim under your motor insurance policy need not be an additional financial burden
What is Excess Insurance?

Most auto insurance policies apply an excess amount when you make a claim. This means that you need to pay the excess fee yourself, and only the sum above this will be covered by your insurance pay-out.

PSA Excess Insurance cover can cover these unnecessary fees, depending on the level of coverage you choose.

Click the following button and fill out the form with your personal information, select the level of coverage that fits your needs and you are ready to be protected with our excess cover!

Protect yourself and the financial cost of maintaining your mobility.
Why should I buy Insurance Excess cover from PSA?

At PSA Insurance Solutions, we want to get you back on the road quickly and with no additional costs with our car insurance excess cover.

There are no hidden fees. Plus, with a simple premium to pay, you're can enjoy peace of mind right now with our excess protection insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions about car insurance excess protection
Doesn’t my motor insurer pay all the costs from an accident?
It depends on your auto insurance. Most insurers apply an excess, the amount of which varies depending on the coverage chosen and the circumstances of the accident that lead you to declare a claim. You are only eligible for excess protection cover if your policy applies an excess. That's why we recommend that you read your policy carefully before purchasing the car insurance excess protection cover. This will allow you to fully understand the financial benefit this product offers, choosing the level of coverage that suits you the most. If you have any doubt, we can help you re-read your policy. To do this, send us a copy of the specific terms of your policy and we will respond as soon as possible.
How do I know if insuring my excess is right for me?
Choosing car excess cover can be a useful policy in several different instances, including:
  • If your car insurance policy applies an excess;
  • If you have decided to increase the excess of your insurance to benefit from a reduce premium;
  • If the amount of the excess required by your car insurance policy may put you in financial difficulty, should you need to make a claim.
What is the maximum I can claim if I cover my excess through PSA?
The compensation depends on the level of coverage you have chosen when you have subscribed. You can choose from three levels when you insure your excess with PSA:
  • Bronze: up to 500€
  • Silver: up to 750€
  • Gold: up to 1.000€
What are the conditions to qualify for car excess cover from PSA?
You can apply for excess insurance from PSA on private vehicles if:
  • You have been insured for at least one year without having declared a claim.
  • Your car insurance policy includes an excess.
  • You live in France.
Are there driver age restrictions on PSA car excess insurance?
Younger or less experienced drivers often find that they have to pay a higher excess than other drivers if they make a claim on their insurance. However, our excess insurance can be applied for by drivers of any age and experience level, as long as you qualify under the above criteria.
My car is not a Peugeot, Citroën or DS; can i still protect my capital through PSA's personal excess insurance?
Yes. Our excess insurance cover is valid for all new and used cars, regardless of their brand. The only conditions of eligibility are:
  • You use your vehicle for private purposes.
  • You have been insured for at least one year without making any claims.
  • Your auto insurance policy includes an excess.
  • You live in France.
When does the excess protection insurance policy come into effect?
The excess cover takes effect when you have paid your premium, with coverage starting from the date you selected at the time. As long as you are eligible for cover, in the event of a claim, we will cover your excess, within the limit selected during the subscription. However, we do not support excesses applied by your car insurer for damage to tyres or windshields. Our excess insurance limits you to one claim per policy period.
What happens if I have an accident and am declared responsible?
Even if you are responsible for an accident, our insurance excess cover will cover the excess applied by your auto insurer (within the limits of your policy coverage). Only damage to tyres or windshields is excluded.
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